In 1860’s the long distance communications are achieved by SNAIL MAIL but its a tedious process if a person posted one letter it takes more time to reach the destination so the scientists plan to make the communication faster and better so they decided to move on via electrical signals,The electrical signals are pointed to an electronic device and that device was called as Telegraph. Telegraph was introduced in the year of 1862 .


The telegraph is a electronic machine which is used to deliver messages in a encrypted or a coded manner. so the person who is in the destination side should decry-pt the message,After the decryption process  the receiver should knows what is the content that present on message that was delivered


At first the TELEGRAPH LINES are connecting only two cities, actually its the first attempt of communicating two different places, then the first message which was sent in between the two cities is shown in the above picture, LOL… Its not a good message…. then the telegraph lines are extended and crossing many cities and finally all over the world.



In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone and in the above picture shows the first voice over message through wire from one place to other really its an marvellous invention then CHARLES A.HENRY an Electrician make the telephone for the commercial use lets make an technical view they maintain a separate wired connection for all their customers and telephone exchanges are open all cities


Screenshot_2017-06-13-21-27-19  Marconi the man behind the Radio,The radio was invented in the year of 1901,in the year of 1901 the first broadcast is happened.The radio signals are used in two ways one for commercial purpose and another one is for First world war. In 1918 the war come to the final stage in that time the messages are transmitted through via Radio waves.After that the government plans to launch Radio services for commercial purpose. By 1930 the radio used for entertainment all over the world


Screenshot_2017-06-13-21-27-28.pngAfter 30 years Television was invented the radio gives the serious arrival to moving pictures then Television rules the world of Entertainment from June 1960 till now


Screenshot_2017-06-13-21-28-11 After the arrival of Radio and Television the master is came World’s first electronic computer IBM-650 is launched it looks massive in size and it occupies whole room and days are running the computer should be optimised. The scientists want to make a communication between one computer to other computer.Finally they made a simple link to sharing information from one computer to other and the INTERNET is BORN…sounds cool


In 1991 A incredible thing is happened An English computer scientist TIMBERNERS-LEE Brings together a system that allows to share all sorts of information all over the world.


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