We are in the year of 2017 ,We make voice calls,video calls,cloud storage even our banking goes virtual,A big question arise all of our minds How the people achieve the massive development in the field of internet?In this post let us see when,where,how the journey of the internet began? and  for that we should go back to 1950’S .In that time what are all the stuffs we used nowadays are weigh ideas for them.Let us move on to 1950’s.

Before 1957


Before 1957 the computer process only one task at a time and that is widely known as BATCH PROCESSING.In that time the programming is done manually and it cause many bugs .when computer getting bigger and bigger they kept in a large size room with large size coolers and  the specialists can only access the computer

AFTER 1957


After 1957 they found a solution for the problem they faced,then the                        Remote connection was introduced, from that time the programs and the  important data were stored in the mainframe computer and a link is connected from the mainframe-computer to the user interface,the data are fetched from the user interface computer,Then the marvellous IDEA of TIME SHARING was introduced. As i said before the computer performed only one task at a time,In 1957 one computer is accessed by multiple user and perform multiple task at a time by the IDEA of TIME SHARING   



The IMP “INTERFACE MESSAGE PROCESSOR”In this technique the one end of the Computer was externally connected to the Mainframe computer and the other end of the computer was connected to the successor IMP so by this way the computers were connected.And one fine day the Network Working Group develop the NCP “NETWORK CONTROL PROTOCOL” for the transmission of messages through one PC to other.Then the most efficient TCP “TRANSMISSION CONTROL PROTOCOL”  was introduced The main and the highlighted feature of the TCP is verification of file transfer,most of the people widely called as acknowledgement so this avoid  packet loss.



The Packet switching is the process of dividing a packet by using load balancing technique and this method is used to avoid congestion.The load balancing technique used to maintain traffic in-order to maintain traffic the load of the packet was equally divided.



In earlier days the centralisation network setup was installed around the world in that network setup they felt a problem,let us take a network of 4 nodes in that network if one node fails then the total network should be unreachable so in-order to overcome the issue they made  a Decentralisation topology to the network ,In that technique each and every node connected to the one other node if one node fails the data transmission is achieved through other route. Later we see this type of connectivity in detail on the network topology


After few years the the connections made from one network to another network it goes like a series of networks.The network that interconnect different cities,different countries and finally all the parts of the world connected together, Then the word “INTERNET WAS BORN ”  


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